Reliable Wireless Internet for your Boat

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  • Marina del Rey
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  • Marina del Rey
  • Fast & Reliable
  • GPS Timed
  • Fully Encrypted
  • Far Superior to Wi-Fi
  • Local Support Staff
  • QoS for reliable Voice and Video
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Choose a Plan

Basic or Video
$5500 - $7000/mo
  • Reliable Basic connection
    SD video streaming
  • Basic 1.5M / 384k
    Basic+ 3.0M / 512k
  • Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube
    streaming in SD only
  • Dynamic IP
    End-to-End QoS
    Fully Encrypted
  • See Voice Bundle Pricing
Movie Watcher
  • HD Video Streaming
    Skype and Facebook
    video messaging
  • 5.0M / 768k
  • HD Netflix, Hulu, YouTube
    SD Amazon and Apple TV streaming
  • Dynamic IP
    End-to-End QoS
    Fully Encrypted
  • See Voice Bundle Pricing
Power User
  • Full HD video
    Fastest Downloads
  • 10.0M / 1M
  • Full HD
    Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube
    and Apple TV

  • Dynamic IP
    End-to-End QoS
    Fully Encrypted
  • See Voice Bundle Pricing


* All prices shown are the monthly rate with a 1 year minimum commitment
* Month-to-month service available for 10% higher monthly rate
* $145 non-recurring installation fee applies to all accounts
* Bandwidth may be limited due to distance and other factors that can only be determined at the time of installation.

  • Not a WiFi

    Synchronous Wireless

    No Wi-Fi interference. We use the same wireless technology as 3G/4G networks for reliable internet connectivity and QoS.

  • User Friendly

    User Friendly

    Standards compliant network connectivity to your router, PC/Mac or laptop. Compatible with most modern network devices.

  • No Cables Attached

    No "Cables" Attached

    No longer need to disconnect your cables when leaving dock. Pure wireless connectivity between your boat and DigiLink.

  • Encryption


    All over the air traffic is fully encrypted. Your data security is our top priority.

  • End-to-End QoS

    End-to-End QoS

    Your connection comes pre-configured to properly prioritize voice and video traffic over regular downloads and uploads.

  • Live Local Support

    Live Local Support

    Our highly trained local personnel is available to address your technical issues over phone or email. Various support levels are available.

  • I can now stream Netflix videos in Full HD. Thanks DigiLink!.- Jeremy Brown

  • My emails are getting through faster than ever. Large attachments are no longer a problem.- Satisfied Customer

  • Very knowledgable and helpful Techsupport.- Nancy Thornton

  • Thanks for coming out this fast! Love the speed and stability.- Satisfied Customer

Get to Know DigiLink

DigiLink is a Business VoIP and Internet Service Provider serving businesses that value performance, reliability, and a level of service that is simply not available from huge telephone and cable companies.

Since 1994 Digilink has provided quality service with a demonstrated rock solid 99.998% up time. We strive to provide highest level of service at lowest price.

Some of Our Advantages

  • Live Local Support
  • Own Infrastructure
  • Years of Experience
  • Custom solutions are our strength, not a weakness.
What is Synchronous Wireless?

Synchronous Wireless is carrier grade, state-of-the-art fixed wireless service. Synchronous wireless is a GPS timed, interference resistant system that provides 100% CIR and QoS to support all applications and voice services.

What is QoS?

Quality Of Service. This is a set of network technologies to prioritize delivery of time-sensitive data such as voice and video over other regular network traffic (e.g. FTP downloads or e-mail).

Will the connection work while at sea?

Unfortunately no. This is a fixed wireless offering. Line of sight to the master antenna is required.

How quickly can I get the service installed?

Usually less than 2 business days. In many cases as fast as next business day.

What Support levels are available?

Standard Support: Business Hours (9 am - 5 pm M-F), phone or email

Premium Support: 24/7/365 Live Suppport, phone or email, priority scheduling

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